Sunday 20 January 2013

Farmhouse Breakfast Week - day #1

This week, in case you've missed it, is Farmhouse Breakfast Week in the UK. The idea is to encourage people to eat breakfast and to emphasise the importance of a good start to the day. You can find out more and join in at the Shake Up your Wake Up website or with the hashtag #breakfastwatch on Twitter, where you can upload a photo of your fabulous breakfast to the gallery.

In an attempt to enter the spirit of things, I'm going to try and post every day this week. Today's been a bit of a write-off, blog-wise, because it's also smallest breakfastboy's 6th birthday, so we've been up to our ears in lego and birthday cake all day, and have spent the afternoon wrangling 6 year-old boys at the indoor ski slope (we seem to be the only part of the UK to remain resolutely snow-free this week). I now need to lie down in a darkened room.

Of course, birthday person gets to choose the breakfast. What he wanted: a sherbet fountain from a packet of retro sweeties he was given. I nixed this, I'm afraid, although he managed to snaffle it about half an hour later. I resisted the pestering until he'd eaten something a bit more substantial though, and we all had waffles with maple syrup and cream (small people), lemon juice and maple syrup (bigger people).

Hopefully back on track and a bit more lucid tomorrow!


  1. I approve of all of smallest breakfast boy's choices, including the sherbet fountain! Didn't know they still had those! I vaguely remember they were in a yellow tube.
    Waffles, just the job. The other day I made waffles with coconut flour. They shall I put it....different.

    1. Yes, sherbet fountains still going, but they aren't what they once were. Still in the yellow tube, but the liquorice is now encased in a plastic tip thingy (health & safety, natch), and isn't thick and hollow like it used to be. MrB reckons the sherbet isn't as good either, but that may just be his rose-tinted nostalgia-spectacles.

      Do I take it you won't be repeating the coconut flour experiment?