Friday 26 October 2012

Breakfast of champions?

Beyond excited. We snaffled us the last four tickets to the opening Saturday of the new Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome which has been built here in Glasgow ahead of the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Mr Breakfast is excited at the prospect of seeing live track cycling. The boys are excited because we are excited, and because we made them watch all the cycling in the Olympics whilst whooping loudly as Team GB did the do. I'm excited mostly because the day is going to feature the actual oaken thighs of Sir Chris of Hoy himveryself.

This got me to wondering about sports nutrition and what 'proper' athletes have for their breakfast. Mr Breakfast is a mad keen road cyclist. And when I say 'mad keen', I mean he spends all our disposable income on skin suits, and time trial helmets that make him look like something out of Flash Gordon. We have strange little garments made of black neoprene delivered in plain packages to our house, along with boxes of those little sucky tubes of whatever-it-is that you see them drinking on the Tour de France.

Any ideas? He claims there's nothing kinky about them, but I'm not so sure. They squeak when he puts them on.

Mr Breakfast has also been reading up on sports nutrition. As a result, he ordered himself some steel-cut oats and has been making himself 'proper' porridge before his club runs. I don't know what makes steel-cut oats any better nutritionally than plain old pinhead oatmeal from the supermarket, and he has failed to provide a satisfactory explanation, despite my swinging lightbulb-style interrogations.  I'm not even sure what the difference is between a steel-cut oat and a non-steel cut oat. I presume it means that the former is cut into pieces by, well, steel, but why that should be better for either the oat or you than one that is chopped in any other way remains a mystery. Do please enlighten me if you know.

I am going to make it my mission for this week to find out what Chris Hoy eats for breakfast. If it's not steel-cut oats, I'm going to cancel that internet order.

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